kanas in Kenya on Saturday.The Torposas seriously injured four▓ others and also stole 1,000 herd of cattle in a raid car▓ried out last Saturday in Turkana, northwest of Kenya.▓"The minister summoned the Ambassador of the Government of th

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as protest

e Republic of the Sudan to his office on Monday to hand him the protest of the Kenya government over the incident," a statement from the Keny▓an Foreign Ministry said.Wetang'ula condemned the killing of two police officers who were shot by t

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quent raid

he same raiders while on a peace mission to restore order after the raid.Sudanese Ambassador Majok Guangdong regretted the incident and promised his government wil▓l cooperate with Kenya to investigate the attack and ensure that similar attack

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s do not occur i▓n future."It was agreed that a secu▓rity meeting will be held on Thursday at the border town of Nadapal to address this issue as well as other concerns of the Kenya government," the statement ▓said.Kenyan police in the area provided s

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ecurity to hundreds of Sudanese operating business in the▓ town, following

  • a tribesmen from southern Sudan.Kenyan For▓eign Minister Mo